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Friday, November 6, 2009


Some pictures on the 17 Oct

Some pictures on the 18 Oct
The seminar was a great success. We had an awesome 2 day seminar. Pak Haji Haneef Sensei with his mix style is on top of his game. Yusuf Busra Sensei also astonishing with his quick yet controlled moves. The tatami was full and some of us had train on the floor, but it was well worth it!.

Yudansha was also successfully conducted. Yours truly,Hairul Hafeez and a few other aikidokas managed to pass our shodan. Yusuf Sensei and Hafiz Sensei managed to get their nidan with flying colors. All and all, congratulation to all! Our collective backs were soaring with pain after the seminar but it was nothing compared to the knowledge and ukhuwah we forged! Go Myaikido! Go Aikikai Malaysia!
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