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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tissier Shihan Seminar

The visit by Aikikai Malaysia to Singapore to attend Tissier Shihan's seminar was a successful one.

Quoting Dr. Ridhwan, one of the participants:

"I came back from an international Aikido seminar that was held in Singapore. It was conducted by Christian Tissier, a 7th Dan master and a superstar in the world of Aikido. I started Aikido about 10 months ago and I was surprised that most of the techniques that we were learning in the seminar were techniques that I already knew. So, I asked myself, what is the difference then between a beginner and a 7th Dan master? Is it simply about applying the same techniques better and faster? How do you progress in Aikido? I asked the question to Sensei Tissier and his answer was simple: the right mindset (his exact words in French was “blocage mental” which means literally mentally blocked).

Everybody makes mistakes. But if you think that you have mastered the technique, you close your mind and stop learning. You can only progress if you keep your mind open. A beginner who attends his seminar may learn more than somebody who has done Aikido for twenty years because he thinks that he already understands Aikido.

He explained that you can develop a very negative Aikido technique. You can become very strong at blocking others but you will have worked yourself into a corner. I asked a second question which was, “do you progress in Aikido by not being afraid”. His said, “Not necessarily but Aikido is about removing your fears.” Generally, my interpretation of what he said is that it doesn’t matter how much you have mastered, what matters is how much you still have to master."