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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MyAikido Upgrading and Seminar

MY AIKIDO will be hosting a Seminar and Upgrading on Aikido. The programs will be conducted by Suzalie Sensei (3rd Dan Black Belt). Details are as follow:

Seminar and Upgrading (6th – 1st Kyu)

Date/ Day: 7th August 2010/ Saturday
Time:1:30pm – 6:30pm
My Aikido Dojo,
Lot 907G, Kompleks Diamond, Bangi Business Park,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor D. Ehsan


RM95 (Seminar RM50 + Upgrading RM45) : 6th – 4th Kyu
RM110 (Seminar RM50 + Upgrading RM60) : 3rd – 1st Kyu

The seminar will address the practicality of Aikido techniques in our daily life.
Participants will enjoy the in depth explanation of the techniques and some tips on
how to execute them effortlessly. As Aikido is also the “do” to self-discovery, the
seminar seeks to share the philosophy of harmonizing the self and the Universe, thus
provides the space for self-healing from the stressful life.

Participants will enjoy:
• Certificates for the Seminar and Upgrading
• Upgrading Belts (Obi)
• Drinks
• Great networking experience

Program tentative:
1330 - Registration
1400 – 1500 - Aikido Seminar (The 5 Fundamental Pinning Techniques)
1515 – 1600 - Aikido Seminar (Throwing Techniques)
1615 – 1730 - Upgrading Session
1800 – 1815 - Launching of My Aikido Students’ Handbook
1830 - 1900 - Upgrading Results,Certificate/Obi Presentation & Group Photos

For details, kindly contact Yusof Sensei (0123919372) or Suzalie Sensei
(0166272716), or e-mail:

Please find the registration form here