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Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday, November 5, 2018

Circular Motion in Aikido

It is the circular motion in Aikido that allows the art to be efficient and effortless. It deploys maximum effect with minimal precise effort.

An attack is not stopped or halted but rather deflected with circular motion. Ukes forward momentum combined with Nage's accurate rotation takes balance. Ukes center does not have to be moved very far to create instability.
Once balance is taken uke becomes very light and easy to redirect. Uke is compelled to move where he is led.
We study and can spend years developing an intuitive sense in regards to the relation of force, timing, and rotation. Correct delivery of these components results in the power and grace that we see in aikido techniques.
And underneath it all lies a peaceful calmness with a very grounded and energized sense of center.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Power of Center (Hara)..

The power of the centerline is known as 'Chushin-Ryoku'. When we maintain that strong center line in any direction we move, we have good posture and alignment. With a stable center and precise hanmi this structure is very powerful and sound.
The power that is generated by a unified body to focus on one point is called 'Shuchu-Ryoku'. This power is greater than muscular power.

The upper body only maintains an intregity (no strength) in coordination with the center, hips, and legs. The feet are foundational, drawing energy up from the ground.
Focus from the centered whole body sent (exhaling) through one point can be very powerful.

Stay focused & train hard.. Be humble 
Peace & harmony.